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Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret child and Ex-maid - - DNA Test Proves the Link
Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret child and Ex-maid 
The popping up of rumours, speculations, stories and fact has been flashing-out since Arnie and Maria Shriver made their separation public. Media has been chasing them and digging out the facts and realities about the split-couple and Arnie’s out-of-wedlock child. 

It was reported earlier that Arnold Schwarzenegger's lovechild is 13 and the boy's mother has been identified on Wednesday as former housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena, who retired in January after 20 years working for the family.

The latestnewspopped up that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former maid secretly had the DNA of her secret lover and his son tested to prove paternity beyond the shadow of a doubt.