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Beatrice and Eugenie are stripped of their 24-hour protection after row over £50,000 annual cost
©VIPs: Princesses Eugenie, left, and Beatrice could lose their police protection after a row over the £500,000 annual cost
Prince Andrew’s daughters are to be stripped of their 24-hour police protection after a growing row over the £500,000 annual cost.
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are the biggest losers of a Scotland Yard review of security for the Royal Family.
The princesses, fifth and sixth in line to the throne, will be given protection only when they attend official events on behalf of the Royal Family.
©Safe: The Princesses are driven away from Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding reception by a protection officer
Prince Andrew had fought ferociously for the protection officers to stay. He argued his daughters should be treated differently from other minor royals because they enjoy HRH status.
But his argument failed because their cousin Zara Phillips, the daughter of Princess Anne, has no protection – even though she has a higher public profile.
©Furious: Prince Andrew is said to have fought to keep the protection officers as he feels they are different to other minor Royals because of their HRH status
The cost of guarding Eugenie, 21, in her first year at Newcastle University has been estimated at £250,000 a year. It includes salaries, accommodation and living and travel expenses of two full-time bodyguards.
Beatrice, 22, studying at the University of London, enjoys the same level of protection.
Prince Andrew insisted his daughters have full-time protection despite private police assessments that they were low-risk targets.
©No protection: The Duchess of Gloucester will no longer have security unless on official business, while Zara Philips has no cover despite her high profile
The Home Office is determined to prune the estimated £50million security bill for the Royal Family.
Other minor royals such as the Duchess of Gloucester who, unlike princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, performs official engagements, will also have their protection withdrawn when not on official duty.
source: dailymail

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