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Britain's Got Talent 2011: Mini crooner Robbie Firmin, seven, stuns the judges with his Frank Sinatra cover
©Mini Blue Eyes: Kent schoolboy Robbie Firmin, seven, sing Frank Sinatra's My Way on tonight's episode of Britain's Got Talent
Over the series on Britain's Got Talent, the judges have been entertained by many a Rat Pack-style crooner.
But the sounds of Frank Sinatra were the last things Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and guest judge Louis Walsh were expecting when little Robbie Firmin, seven, walked on stage.
Dressed in a pinstripe suit and matching hat, the pint-sized boy belted out a rendition of the Sinatra classic My Way.
©That's magic! Illusionists David and Karen perform tricks for the audience
Music mogul Walsh told him: 'Robbie, that was fantastic. I’ve never heard anybody so young sing that song.'
Despite his tender age, Robbie even showed his cheeky personality by telling Walsh his auntie - who was waiting in the wings - was looking for a boyfriend, saying: 'And I think she would want you to be it.'
McIntyre was equally enthused: 'Robbie I thought that was just brilliant, it had everything, you toyed with the audience, they were up, they were down, they were swaying. Robbie you’re a star.'
©That really was mayhem: Melanie and her dogs Twizzle and Tucker's performance didn't quite go to plan
Little Robbie was just one of several acts appearing on tonight's episode of Britain's Got Talent.
Another act impressing the judges were illusionist duo David, 39, and Karen, 27, who performed a modernised version of a Houdini trick.
Karen and David take to the stage and perform their act which sees David climb into a Perspex box on stilts which is then covered with a cloth.
Karen waves a large sheet in front of the box and when it drops, David is holding the sheet and Karen is in the box.
Holden told them: 'That was annoyingly good. I am never keen on magic because it’s always so small time, people come on with cards and bits of cotton and no one can see anything.
© Mixed response: Pianist Paul wowed Amanda and Louis, but David wasn't convinced
At the Cardiff auditions, Melanie, 59, and her two dogs Twizzle and Tucker performed their dancing act Mexican Mayhem.
Altought Tucker did what he was supposed to during the dog agility course, Twizzle was 'a bit tired' and wasn't so up to par.
McIntyre said: 'If both the dogs did what they were supposed to do, it wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining as the fact that right off the bat one dog decided, "I’m not going to do this."
©Better than Diversity? Amanda Holden told dance troupe Abyss they weren't as good as their predecessors
Back at the Manchester auditions, David Hasselhoff was back as a judge and was booed when he failed to praise teenage pianist Paul.
Paul won over the crowd, McIntyre and Holden with his piano playing, but The Hoff wasn't so sure.
He was booed when he said: 'It was nice, it was really nice. I’m not sure it was great, but it was nice.'
Another act dividing the judges were dance act Abyss, who Holden said weren't as good as Diversity from two years ago.

BGT: Mini Sinatra and illusionists impress

source: dailymail

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