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Britney Spears Goes Green to Host Fund-raising Event for Hurricane Katrina-affected Families
Britney Spears Goes Green for Good Cause
Britney Spears, the real'Pop Princess', wasradiantand happyat the "EveningofSouthernStyle"inBeverlyHillsa coupleof days...And, well,thatshelooksgreat!
Thebigcelebrationwasheldtoraise fundsfor thestate of New Orleans;benefiting the St. Bernard Project (SBP), an organization that builds homes in New Orleans for families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Notably,thefamilywashosted bythesuperstarandthatis notthefirsttimethatheis involvedin actsofthis magnitude.
A considerable number ofcelebrities,
including Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Reggie Bush and Selena Gomez,wereon thered carpetas well assportsstarsandexecutivesfromleadingmulti-billion dollarindustryin North America.

The celebrities not only showed up to support the SBP as well as donate to the cause.

The night also included an auction featuring several items including celebrity portraits and VIP passes to the pop singer's Femme Fatale tour, which sold for $5,000.