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Chelsy Davy (Prince Harry Girl Friend): That's not my life
Chelsy Yvonne Davy(born 13 October 1985)
Chelsy Davyrefuses to marry Prince Harry. It was caused because he did not want to lose their identity.
Women who worked as a lawyer was said to have a relationship again with Prince Harry. So no wonder if she was seen attending the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
But, according to Britain's Mail, Davy has told friends that if she could not be married to Prince Harry. "That's not my life," she said as quoted by ShowbizSpy, Monday (02/05/2011).
information from one source, the couple are back together. "Harry's Chelsy admire because she is a hard worker. Once was when she was drunk, Chelsy Davy could finish the job well," said the source.
Yesterday, Chelsy has been to see Kate get married. "She said she too sacrificed her identity. And she did not want to be like that," he added.
Chelsy Davy had in mind was that the wedding was beautiful. "Chelsy Davy think marriage is beautiful and there is also a dance party. But not for the wedding itself. Now he wants is freedom for a career," he added.
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