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Fancy bumping into you: Carla Bruni shows off pregnancy at last, but is still keeping Mum
©Pregnant posture: Carla Bruni is already leaning back a little when she walks, and her bump was clear to see
In recent weeks she has turned to baggy clothing and even a Grace Kelly-style oversized handbag in an effort to quash the rumours.
But surely Carla Bruni can deny it no longer?
For after weeks of speculation over whether she’s pregnant, the French First Lady appeared to be proudly showing off a baby bump at the G8 summit yesterday.
©What are you looking at? Carla further fuels pregnancy rumours by pointing at her belly during a chat with Geertrui Van Rompuy, the wife of European Council President
The former supermodel, who is still keeping mum over the rumours she is expecting her first child with President Nicolas Sarkozy, looked to be flaunting a petite bump as she posed for pictures in a short white dress and open black coat.
Wives of other world leaders at the summit cooed over the 43-year-old outside the historic Villa Strassburger in Deauville, northern France – with Geertrui Van Rompuy, the wife of the European Council President, paying her particular attention.
Miss Bruni and her husband, 56, have kept the public guessing about whether their long-awaited baby is on the way.
But friends and family have been less tight-lipped.
No hiding now: Carla Bruni waved to photographers as she arrived in Deauville, but later smoothed down her dress in an attempt to hide the bump
©Helping hand: The Russian President's wife gives Carla an affectionate hand up the stairs
Last week, Miss Bruni’s father-in-law told German newspaper Bild that she is pregnant. Pal Sarkozy, 82, said: ‘I’m glad to be having a grandchild.’
And on Monday advertising executive Jacques Seguela, who introduced the couple in 2007, announced: ‘I have it on good authority that the baby will be a boy.’
In contrast, Miss Bruni has chosen to keep things vague. In one interview with French daily newspaper Le Parisien Miss Bruni offered a rambling explanation about why she is keen to keep her pregnancy a secret.
©Seeing clearly: Carla put her reading glasses on for the spouse's summit
©Another special relationship? Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron wave to the crowds as they arrive in Deauville for the G8 discussions
©Summit spouses: Carla poses alongside, from left, Maria Barroso, Laureen Harper, Geertrui Van Rompuy and Svetalana Medvedeva
She said: ‘Around 180 per cent of the time my husband is dealing with his country. He only talks about that. He does nothing else.
‘Then me, I speak about something, it takes precedence over everything he does. I would love to talk, but it involves other people. So I do not answer.’
Miss Bruni already has one son, Aurelien, with philosophy professor Raphael Enthoven.
Keeping quiet: Carla hid her bump behind a bag yesterday as she was leaving the Ritz in Paris
Ventre arrondi de Carla Bruni-Sarkozy à Deauville

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, visiblement enceinte, au sommet du G8

source: dailymail

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