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German Supermodel Heidi Klum Launched Her Fashion Website ‘Beauty and Fitness’
Heidi Klum launches her webiste
Following the footsteps of Tyra Bank,GwynethPaltrow andmany other supermodels; German modelHeidi Klumhas launched her very own fashion website named ‘Beauty and Fitness’. She is committed to publish beauty, fashion and health tips on her own lifestyle platform.

Onherwebsite,Heidi Klumwill talkeducation, love,health, fitnessandnutrition.Insimplewords:how tojugglealltheobligationsof amodern womanwhilenotdroppinganythingonthe style.

Heidi Klum’s websiteisreceivingan enthusiastic response fromreviewers,andblogRackedhas been comparedtoGOOPby GwynethPaltrow.