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Hugh Grant Was Set For "Two And A Half Men" Reboot!
British actor Hugh Grant, who was once attached to play The 9th Doctor, was attached to sign on and take over from Charlie Sheen in "Two And A Half Men".
Just a few weeks back, Grant was so very close to signing on the dotted line. WOW! He was signing on to a contract which said that he would be getting paid $1million per episode. Each of his seasons would be 24 episodes long. He would be MEGA loaded!
According to Deadline, Grant couldn't sign the contract because,“It was not the money. He didn’t want to do TV because those 24 episodes are a grind and a lot of work. At the end he couldn’t get his head around doing a series.”Sounds like the same as the "Doctor Who" deal back in 2004 with Russell T Davies. Grant just didn't want to do TV and thought that the show wouldn't go any further than one series. Guess who's laughing now.
Supposedly the show would have went on for another 3/4 seasons before finishing for good. Now no one knows whats happening.

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