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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it's flying Lady Gaga! Singer
©Flying through the air with the greatest of ease: Lady Gaga rides to the stage during a live concert performance in New York's Central Park for ABC's Good Morning America
Lady Gaga made a rather grand entrance as she kicked off Good Morning America's summer concert series today in New York's Central Park.
The 25-year-old singer surprised thousands of fans, some of whom had been camping out to see her since 3am, by zip-lining through the air and onto the stage dressed in a typically flamboyant outfit.
She dangled from a harness wearing a quirky red and white costume that featured a headdress, cape-like jack and of course, sky-high black heels.
But it wasn't all smooth sailing - there was a technical glitch during her opening number, Bad Romance.
©Just hanging out: The singer delighted fans with her arrival
The track began and while her voice could be heard, the star herself was nowhere to be seen.
By the time she finally emerged and whizzed down to the stage on the wire, the song all but over.
Her choreograhper Laurieann Gibson explained later: 'What happened was Gaga wasn’t in her harness, but they cued the show. That’s live television!'
She told PopWrap: 'GMA is amazing, but I think they were a little overwhelmed because it was Gaga! So I had a bit of a spazz out.'
Once on stage, she peeled down to red fishnet stockings and a red leotard.
She thrilled her 'little monsters' with a string of her hits, including Born This Way, Judas and Edge of Glory from her latest album.
©Caped crusader: The star wore a huge white coat over her racy costume
©Keeping ahead of the pack: Gaga also wore a pair of custom-made horns
source: dailymail

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