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ITV offer £2m to woo Cheryl Cole back to the X Factor UK
©'Deeply humiliated': Cheryl has reportedly begged Simon Cowell to release a face-saving statement
Cheryl Cole has been told the door is still open for her to return to the British X Factor – but she must make her decision today.
ITV is said to be willing to double the singer’s usual £1.2 million pay packet if she comes back for the next series, but she is said to be unsure of taking the offer given her humiliation on the American version.
Cheryl is understood to be begging Simon Cowell to issue a statement saying she wasn’t sacked from the Fox show – but left because she had a ‘bigger and better’ offer to return home.
©Will she, won't she? Simon Cowell is thought to be trying to talk Cheryl into returning to X Factor UK
Fox has yet to make an official announcement about Cheryl, but one source said: ‘Simon is working on a statement which will essentially deny Cheryl was sacked, but instead say she was offered a better opportunity in the UK.
'It will hopefully save Cheryl’s reputation and pave the way for her to come back to the British X Factor.’
A source close to the singer added: ‘Cheryl is deeply humiliated and she wants Simon to make it clear that she wasn’t sacked, but was needed back in Britain.
'It’s a face-saving measure and it’s very important to Cheryl.’
©Nice work if you can get it: TV talent judges earn big money simply by telling people they're no good
The Girls Aloud singer, who has been holed up in her London flat with her mother Joan since she returned from Los Angeles, is said to be ‘close to breaking point’ over her treatment in the States.
‘She is feeling very fragile and very emotional about everything,’ said one friend. ‘Her confidence has been massively dented and her friends are genuinely worried for her.
'She is talking about taking some time out, but Simon is trying to convince her to sign up to prove she can do this job.
‘He’s told her she can come back to America and work on her image next year and that this is by no means the end of her in the States.’
Another source said: ‘They have offered to double Cheryl’s pay packet in the UK and Simon is trying to convince her to take this opportunity.
‘The truth is that Cheryl is in a major sulk and she may turn the offer down.
‘At the moment it’s a possibility, no one knows what she’s going to do, but the feeling is that if she turns down X Factor in the UK it really would be career suicide.’

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