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Judas Priest on the Series finale of American Idol
©Heavy Metal legends Judas Priest performed last night on the Series finale of American Idol. The Metal gods performed Judas Priest classics "Living After Midnight" and "Breaking the Law", alongside James Durbin (who finished fourth in the competition). While some out there might think that this is a disgrace for Heavy Music, the reality is that we should all be proud to see some of the ambassadors of the music we love, represent all of us in front of millions of people all across the world.
Some other Heavy Music icons that have been on national TV are:
- Zakk Wylde: American Idol
- Chris Jericho: Dancins with the Stars
- Ozzy Osbourne: The Osbournes
- Gene Simmons: Family Jewels
- Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach, Jason Bonham and Scott Ian: Supergroup
- Evan Seinfeld: OZ and Supergroup
- Dee Snider and Jamey Jasta: Headbangers Ball
We think its time for all Heavy Music fans to start embracing such triumphs. Think about it, we are exposing our outcast music to millions of eyeballs, and by no means does this mean that the genre will become "mainstream". The other factor here is that American Idol is a great way for artists to promote their upcoming releases and tours, specially in times when most people are not investing money into the music industry by purchasing music, artist merchandise, or by going to concerts. Judas Priest announced their farewell tour last December (click here for dates), so it makes sense for them to be out there promoting themselves.
Here is Judas Priest on American Idol:

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