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Kim Kardashian, Her Engagement Ring and Family Reaction
Kim Kardashiancouldn’t hide her pleasure when she made public that she was engaged. She was really sparkling with her engagement ring; a 20.5 carat diamond ring, that’s what! The whopping sparkler was a design by Lorriane Schwartz and was picked out by Kris and Kim’s mum.

Kim Kardashian's 20.5 carat diamond ring
Family of Kim Kardashian is apparently had mixed feelings with her engagement news.Kris Jenner, the mother of reality TV star, has given her consent to her celebrity daughter's relationship with NBA star Kris Humpries of New Jersey Nets.

While her younger brother Robert ‘Rob’ Kardashian seems unhappy with the engagement news of his sister.

Duringaradio interviewgiventoTheHollywood5,theyoungmanhadreservationsabouttheunion:"I'mnotsurewhatmarriagebecausemysisterwas alwaysso...Ittooka lotofrelationships andshealways endsup choosingthewrongboyandbeinjured.Butyouknow,Krisisstillagood guy. "Nice,asnoted.

Robhasevenaddedhistoryto implythateveryonewouldnoticeherin thefamily:"Wewereright in thefamily dinner,andwe did not understandwhatwas happening.Kimarrivedwitha ring,butwe didnothonorwhatshewore.We didnot believe herwhenshetold us,wethought itwasajoke. "

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