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Kristen Stewart walks Robert Pattinson's dog in New York
©New York walkies: Kristen Stewart takes Bear, the rescue dog she shares with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, out for a walk in New York's East Village
Being the pet of a famous movie star may have its perks, but being left behind while your owner travels the world isn't one of them.
Luckily for Robert Pattinson's dog Bear his owner's girlfriend Kristen Stewart is happy to take over walking duties when he isn't there.
With Pattinson was in London promoting Water For Elephants, Kirsten took the reigns as Bear's carer.
©Leading the way: Bear and Kristen head out onto the street for their blustery walk
Dressed in skinny jeans, Converse trainers and a grey T-shirt, Kristen, 21, and her canine companion braved the wind and rain as they made their way across New York's East Village.
Clutching his blue lead, Kristen was careful to keep a tight hold on Bear as they set out across the city together.
Pattinson found Bear in an animal shelter while shooting Breaking Dawn in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana.
©Undeterred: Kristen and Bear don't let the New York weather stop them from heading out as they leave The Bowery Hotel on the Lower East Side
The dog was originally called Yogi Bear, but Pattinson and Kristen decided to shorten his name to Bear after Rob admitted he thought Yogi was 'a bit much.'
Kristen, and her canine companion, have been staying at one of the actress's favourite New York hotels, The Bowery, on the Lower East Side of the city.
Meanwhile, the Twilight actress is set to welcome a new man into her life after it was announced today that British actor, Sam Claflin, has been cast alongside her in Snow White and the Huntsman.
The 24-year-old actor will play Prince Charmant to Kristen's Snow White.
source: dailymail

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