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KYNG's Groove Factor to the Top
©While we were in Los Angeles for the Revolver Golden Gods Awards and the "Big 4", we joined forces with our friends from Sirius XM Liquid Metal and headed over to a wild place called "Crazy Girls" to check out a live performance by the band Kyng. Even though we had heard the band cranked on Liquid Metal many times, we had to lend our ears to the Kyng trio so they could deliver to them some live and loud music. Not only did the band deliver the goods, but the venue was a rockers dream with hot girls on bikinis hanging from stripper poles and plenty to drink. This evening was also the Official West Coast birthday of Mexican Metalero Jose Mangin.
©The bad-boys of Los Angeles formed the band in January of 2008 in LA, when bassist Tony Castaneda, singer/guitarist Eddie Veliz, and drummer Pepe Clarke, joined forces and decided to put all their musical influences into a musical blender and create a unique mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
"We decided to form a band that would be able to take the shape and form of anything on the scene to maintain a cross-over ability and ended up with a sound that does exactly that."
Kyng represents the new sound of California Heavy Music, and we won't be surprised when they start making their impact be felt by the masses within the next year. The Kyng boys are ready for bigger and better things thanks to Eddie's crisp vocals that are perfected by his excellent guitar skills, and complimented by the groove that Tony and Pepe deliver at every single show. Thanks to their mix of Classic Rock, Groove Metal and Alternative Music, nobody's ears are safe from getting addicted to Kyng as they rise up to the top!
©Here is an exclusive interview we did with Kyng after their epic performance at "Crazy Girls", as well as some live footage of the band performing Pantera's "Revolution Is My Name" with Jose Mangin on vocals. Put your Horns Up, grab your dude or chick tight, and get ready to ROCK!

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