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May reading list
My May reading list – tada! I had almost a whole week off work this month so I was a bit of machine on the reading front, but as you can see, quantity doesn’t equally quality.©©Okay, okay, I know I said I was through with the Anita Blake series after being relatively unimpressed with the first three, but what can I say? Once I start something, I like to finish it. Suffice to say the books didn’t get any better. A vampire hunter who doesn’t believe in sex until marriage? WTF! I’m more interested in the ongoing Marvel comic book series now because the art isfan-freaking-tastic.Plus, the mythology’s a bit too loaded with different creatures and myths etc etc.©Let me preface this by saying I’m a massive fan of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Seriesby Chalaine Harris. I think they’re witty, sexy, funny and addictive.Dead Reckoningdidn’t feel like one of them. It felt a bit flat and there were a lot of unnecessary storylines that went nowhere. The ending too was really abrupt. But as my pal Bridie (akaJ’Adour Jbaour) said, this feels like its leading up to a really good book. With the next instalment out 2012, I hope she’s right.©©©©The Mortal Instrumentsseries I read more to understand the upcoming film adaptation, which is going to be directed by Scott Charles Stewart (Legion, Priest) who I’m a big fan of. Anyway, this was pretty much your standard Young Adult fantasy fiction novel. It had a forbidden romance, plenty of magic/creatures, a strong female protagonist, betrayal and a Harry Potter-esque hierarchy of institutes like Hogwarts and the Ministry Of Magic. I couldn’t overly get into the story, but I did really enjoy the characters, despite the fact they should have been older to make their experiences and conversations more believable. The battle and city in the third novel were particularly good, but overall these aren’t something to write home about. I also didn’t buy this supposedly passionate love story at the centre of the books. Not only is it incestuous for a good part of the series, this `incredible guy’ we’re all supposed to love is a dickhead. Okay, a dickhead who recites Shakespeare but a dickhead none the less. He’s a blonde, selfish and obnoxious douchebag, which is why Alex Pettyfer would be perfect for the role (if the rumour mill is anything to go by, he’s the hot favourite). Seriously, that Brit is acunt.
©Hooray! A book with completely no supernatural themes! It’s a rarity in my reading list this month, but hot damn is it gooo-oood. Note: those extra O’s are for emphasis. The first in what is a proposed series follows the adventures of a middle-aged detective Bernie and his dog Chet, who is the narrator of this tale. It’sVeronica MarsmeetsInspector Rex. Funny, witty an action-packed, this isn’t like anything I’ve read before. Telling the story from the dog’s perspective is not only fresh, but freakin’ hilarious. Essentially it’s set in this very adult and somewhat dangerous world, but when told from Chet’s point of view . . .well, this extract might give you an idea:
“I’d never seen a real swan and was wondering how catchable they might be when I heard Iggy’s bark. Iggy had a high-pitched bark, an irritated-sounding yip-yip-yip. I barked. There was a brief silence, and then he barked again. I barked back. He barked. I barked. He barked. I barked. He barked. We got a good rhythm going, faster and faster. I barked. He barker I –“
You get it. This was very quirky and by far my favourite read this month. Plus, it has a quote from Stephen King on the front that sings its praise so when you know you’re in good company.

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