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Metal Summer Jam
©Currently the New York City Heavy Music scene is going through a historic period of time, in which bands, fans, and promoters are uniting in order to make New York City "The Capital of Metal". While some are still trying to divide the scene, the masses are coming out to every show and are determined to keep the scene growing stronger than all. As you all know, Horns Up Rocks has served as a channel for both bands and fans to bridge the gap.
On Saturday, May 28, 2011, Horns Up Rocks is uniting Metallic forces with New York Heavy Music icon Tim Martinez from No Mercy Metal, and Chris Keene, to bring the masses a night of headbanging, crushing music, and drinking! Why should you come to a local show? Well, because if you don't support your local scene, then don't dare saying that the local scene is dead and gone. Come out and experience the sounds of fury that will be delivered by Alekhine's Gun, Edge of Existence, Eyes Like Cyanide, Feats of Valor, and Lesser Being.
Here are all the details:
- Date/Time: Saturday May Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 8 PM
- Location: Fontana's Bar (105 Elridge Street, New York NY 10002)
- Cost: $10
- Official event flier:
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