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Passive aggressive notes 101
I have this friend who for the sake of anonymity we shall call Tricky Hickson. You can follow her on Twitterhere.Anyway, these pricks in her apartment building let down her tires the other day because, well, pricks are pricks. She put this hilarious note on their car. I’m a big fan ofPassive Aggressive Notesbut frankly, this kicks anything I’ve seen on their site in the gonads. Enjoy:
Thank you for letting all four of my tyres down. I understand the fastest way to ensure my car is moved from your spot is to make my vehicle immobile. Genius. The reason I took your spot was because mine was in fact also taken so I understand the earth-ending soul-crushing hysteria that would have ensued upon discovering your spot was taken. I too felt the pain. But did I let the tyres down on the car of the P-plater that took my spot? No, because I am not an asshole who would deem the slight inconvenience of having their precious car space taken to warrant vandalising someone else’s car, especially a resident of the same building who parks directly across from you each day. Awkward. I suppose you are lucky I am not the vengeful type seen as I obviously know where you park. I’d like to apologise that out the hundreds of free spaces, I chose to park in the space of some bat-shit crazy fucktard. Have an awesome day asshole.
Love, your neighbour x

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