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Schoolboy in a skirt: Pupil protests at rule forcing boys to wear trousers during hot weather
©Taking a stand: Chris Whitehead, 12, who sits on the school's council with supporters at Impington Village College, near Cambridge
It's not necessarily a photo Chris Whitehead’s parents will be framing and keeping on the mantelpiece.
But they are certainly proud of him. The 12-year-old wore a skirt to school yesterday to protest against ‘discriminatory’ rules which ban boys from wearing shorts.
He says it is unfair that girls can change into skirts during the hot weather, while boys have to swelter in long trousers.
©Skirting around the issue: Chris, who is in Year 8, said he wearing long trousers in summer affects boys' ability to concentrate
This, he says, affects their concentration and ability to learn.
The schoolboy is taking advantage of a ‘silly loophole’ in the uniform policy at Impington Village College, near Cambridge, that means boys can wear skirts as the school would be guilty of discrimination if it tried to stop them.
‘In the summer months, girl students are allowed to wear skirts but boys are not allowed to wear shorts,’ Chris explained yesterday before his protest.
source :dailymail