Best Movies of All Time + Thor

Stop, Mjöllnir time
If for some miraculous reason you haven’t heard the news you must be a) deaf or b)OsamaBin Laden. Anyway, the exciting juice is that I’m going to be quoted on theThormovie poster!FREAKINTHOR! Paramount contacted me about it last week and after I hastily gave my approval (which went something like Me: “Of course you fucking can!” Them: *chuckle*) I wen t about shouting the news to the world. I tried getting it on News Of The World, but they didn't bite. I don’t know what exact quote they’re going to use or when the new praise posters are going up and out . . .but I will keep you posted. I always thought my first time quoted on a movie poster would be for some indie horror film only I liked, so there you go. I give good quote.©
In the meantime, this gives me the perfect excuse to share the abovegeniuspiece of poster art fromDave Williams. It’s a minimalist version of theThorposter and put simply, it rocks.

a poster says 1000 words, Chris Hemsworth, Jaimie Alexander, Movie Mazzupial, Natalie Portman, and more:

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