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Take your shirt off and kiss me! Simon Webbe gets a good luck
©Kiss good luck? Simon Webbe was spotted picking up his new Greek girlfriend Maria Kouka in a London park and kissing her passionately
Before he jetted off to Düsseldorf to compete in Eurovision, Blue’s Simon Webbe was treated to a supportive kiss goodbye from his Greek girlfriend.
The love-birds couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they frolicked and snogged in a London park.
And Simon got so hot and bothered by 24-year-old Maria Kouka that he tore his shirt off, exposing his well-defined six pack.
©Shirtless frolick: Simon took off his shirt and revealed his well-defined six pack as she chased Maria around the park
The Eurovision hopeful, who will join his Blue boy band mates in Saturday’s grand final, has even convinced Kouka and her Greek friends and family to vote for him.
Simon, 32, told the Daily Star Sunday: ‘Maria and I have been together since February and she’s been really supportive since I’ve been busy preparing with Blue for this Saturday’s competition.
©New love: Simon and Maria have been dating since February and she he has convinced her and her Greek friends and family to vote for Blue in the Eurovision contest
‘She’s even asked her friends and family back home in Greece to vote as they are eligible to vote for our UK entry from over there.’
And by the looks of their park affection, there’s no doubt that Maria will be voting for her new beau.
The pair were even wearing matching outfits of jeans and army-green vests on their day out, alongside Simon’s British bulldog.
©The ex files: Simon Webbe with his former girlfriend of six years Layla Manoochenri (left), who dumped him last year and Maria Kouka with Jersey Shore star Pauly D (right)
Rehearsals: Boy band Blue have been practising their routine to represent the UK in the Eurovsion Song Contest this Saturday night
He will join his band mates Lee Ryan, Antony Costa and Duncan James on stage to represent the UK this week in Eurovision’s Song Contest.
source :dailymail

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