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That's just how she rolls: Cher Lloyd gets down with her dancers as she prepares to shoot debut music video
This is how I roll: Cher Lloyd joins a group of hopefuls as she auditions dancers for her debut music video
She won over Cheryl Cole with her unique mix of rapping, singing and street dancing when she auditioned for The X Factor.
And now Cher Lloyd has posted a video of herself auditioning dancers for her debut music video - working them hard to ensure they are up to her standards.
The 17-year-old star is seen getting down with the hopefuls to make sure they 'gel' with her.
©Getting down: Cher appeared to be enjoying herself in the video of the auditions, which she posted on her official website
In the video, Cher says: 'The auditions are going really well. I'm really glad there's bedroom dancers as well.
'I'm looking for fresh-faced people, just people that mix in with the crowd and just back me up really.'
Cher, who wears baggy jeans, a brown vest top and checked blazer, is then seen getting up and joining the group for an impromptu street dancing session.
She explained: 'The reason I got up and started to dance with them was because I wanted to see if they would actually gel with me and to see the interaction.'
©Are we gelling? Cher laughs as she messes around with the dancers
©Watching and learning: Cher appeared in awe of some of the tricks performed by the candidates
Cher has been in New York and Los Angeles recently putting the finishing touches to her debut album.
And songwriter Savan Kotecha, who is executive producing the record, said it is sure to be a hit - and sounds just like Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie's first solo album.
He said: 'It's such a blend of different things. Each song is so different from the other, but it's her.
©I can do it too: But she was also keen to prove her own worth as she made her way into the centre of the room to dance with the rest of the hopefuls
'The only way I can describe it is that it's like Fergie's solo album, where London Bridge was completely different from Clumsy, but then you also had Big Girls Don't Cry, but Fergie was still the red thread throughout it all - that's how Cher's songs are.
'There's some hard ones, some vulnerable ones and some fun, silly ones and she just delivers on every one. We were just so impressed.'
©Home again: Cher was seen arriving at London's Heathrow Airport today after her trip Stateside
Cher's debut album is due for release on 12th September.
Cher Lloyd - Dance Audition

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