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The Death Angel "Thrashumentary"
©Death Angel has had quiet a journey throughout their musical career, and what is amazing about them is that not even a break up after a near-fatal car accident, extinguished their fire and passion!
After the release of their groundbreaking 6th studio album titled "Relentless Retibution" (Nuclear Blast). Death Angel proved that Thrash Metal is alive and well here in the United States. On their upcoming "Thrashumentary", the band documents their unpredictable career and also shares with their fans plenty of kickass live footage. The Thrashumentary" was directed by Tommy Jones from "The Studio" in New Jersey and mixed by Chris Clancy from Mutiny Within.Check out the OFFICIAL trailer now! \m/
Death Angel's discography:
- The Ultra-Violence, 1987 (Engima Records)
- Frolic through the Park, 1988 (Engima Records)
- Act III, 1990 (Geffen Records)
- The Art of Dying, 2004 (Nuclear Blast Records)
- Killing Season, 2008 (Nuclear Blast Records)
- Relentless Retribution, 2010 (Nuclear Blast Records)
Music videos:
- "Voracious Souls" (1987)
- "Bored" (1988)
- "Seemingly Endless Time" (1990)
- "A Room with a View" (1990)
- "Dethroned" (2008) - Director: Robert Sexton
- "Truce" (2010)
- "River of Rapture" (2011) - Director: Tommy Jones

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