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The "Final Destination 5" Poster & Trailer!
Okay, I thought that the last "Final Destination" film was really shite. I also thought that it would deffo be the last as it was titled "The Final Destination".
A few months back, a fifth film was greenlighted and I thought it would be shite too. I've watched the trailer for it and it does look pretty good actually. I'm quite impresses with the look of this one. The kinda awesome thing about this new sequel, is that it says that the rules have changed "It's kill or be killed!" (line from the trailer). This tells us that the cast may end up going against each other, with a little help from DEATH!
OH, and the guy from "Anchorman" is in it.......The Sports News Guy! And Tony Todd is back as the creepy coronor guy. I Love the teaser poster. It's very "SCRE4M" poster. Watch the trailer:

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