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Too much fun in the sun: Joey Essex sleeps it off after a long day of boozing in Marbella
©Sleep it off: Joey Essex is caught taking a nap this afternoon after a long day boozing in the sunshine in Marbella
As a club promoter, he is responsible for ensuring everyone at his parties has the time of their lives - while keeping a level head himself.
But as Joey Essex is in Marbella on holiday, the reality star didn't mind over-indulging as he spent a long day partying in the sunshine.
It all became a bit too much for Joey though, who was later seen passed out in the shade after being helped to the resort bathrooms by his friends.
©Worse for wear: The reality star looked bleary-eyed as his mates helped him to the bathroom at their resort
The 20-year-old was seen indulging in glasses of beer as he reclined on a sun lounger surrounded by bikini-clad girls yesterday.
Joey was clearly keen to get his holiday off to a roaring start after arriving at the Spanish holiday resort, and looked more than a little worse for wear hours later.
The hot Marbella sun will only have increased the effect on Joey's intoxication levels.
©'This will sort you out': Joey's friends offered assistance by providing more beer
A bleary-eyed Joey was led to the bathrooms at the Buddha Beach Club by his friends, according to onlookers.
'He was drinking all day in the sun, then got up and was sick. His mates took him to the toilet and fed him some more beer and then he just crashed out,' a fellow partygoer said.
There was no sign of his girlfriend Sam Faiers, who is also holidaying with the cast of The Only Way Is Essex in Marbella, so it was up to Joey's mates to lend a hand.
©Before the downfall: Joey was seen throwing back beers in the sun
But the blokes appear to have decided that sleeping it off was the best course of action, leaving Joey passed out on a bunch in a deep sleep.
Joey's TOWIE castmates Jessica Wright, Sam Faiers, Lucy Mecklenburgh, James 'Arg' Argent and Lydia Bright have all descended on Marbella for their annual holiday.
They will be guests of Mark Wright who is hosting a series of parties at local nightclubs this week.
source: dailymail

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