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TOWIE BOYS: Mark Wright and James 'Arg' Argent get playful with a poolside water fight in Marbella with bikini-clad girls
©Spluttering: Lydia tries to catch her breath after the unceremonious dunking as Mark grins
She famously pushed Mark Wright in the water in front of his guests after he banned her from the pool party he was hosting.
And after seeing these pictures, Lauren Goodger may be making a dash to Marbella to once again confront her flirtatious fiancé.
Lauren stayed behind in England while Mark jetted off on what was meant to be a 'lads holiday'... except he and sidekick Arg have spent most of the time surrounded by bikini-clad women, including his ex-girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh.
©What will Lauren say? Wright chats to a his ex Lucy Mecklenburgh as Arg sips on a drink at the Buddha Beach club
©Double standards: Mark seems to have no problem with his ex-girlfriend partying with the boys, while his fiancée is safely ensconced in England
Mark was also seen indulging in a playful water fight with Arg's on-off girlfriend Lydia Bright, who didn't look too happy to be drenched.
The boys were recovering from what sounds like a wild night, judging by Arg's Twitter updates over the past few hours.
He wrote: '1st night: T-shirt got ripped off me, Mark was paraletic (sic), Someone done a poo in my mate's suitcase and stuck a toothbrush up his bum TBC...
©Enjoying the view: Arg looked thrilled with the view as he chatted to several bikini-clad women
'Mate got bucket of water chucked over him twice, Me and Lydia had argument (then made up). Shutters in hotel got broke.'
Arg's comment about on/off girlfriend Lydia Bright have further fuelled speculation their relationship is back on again, despite breaking up in the second series of TOWIE.
But he admitted the 20-year-old was in a furious mood last night when she was thrown in a pool while fully-dressed.
Boys will be boys: Mark, centre, is staying with a group of mates including best friend Jack Tweed, far left
©Lads on tour: Arg was victim to his friends who ripped off his T-shirt in a bar the night before
He wrote: 'Lydia just got thrown in the pool with her clothes on by all the boys! She really ain't impressed, Bad start to the hol.'
Bright fumed: 'Can't believe the boys pushed me in the pool after I spent hours getting ready. Was so angry, thank God Golden Tarts (beauty salon) fixed me up again.'
©Missing Chanelle and Lauren? Both Tweed and Wright are on holiday without their respective girlfriends
©Happy together? Lydia and Arg chat at the bar
©(Some) girls allowed: Arg and Mark seemed happy for Arg's on/off girlfriend Lydia to join them
But she appeared to have forgiven the boys today, and was pictured giving Arg's best friend Mark a warm embrace as she arrived.
Meanwhile, back in England Lauren Goodger was working hard promoting her new tanning products line on This Morning.
The reality star appeared with several buff half-naked men to demonstrate her product.
Lauren was supposed to be jetting off on her own vacation to Tenerife, but has been stuck in London due to the ash cloud.
©Back home: Mark's fiancée Lauren Goodger is back in London, where she appeared on This Morning today
source: dailymail

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