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Tribute from Joey Jordison to Paul Gray # 2
©Paul Dedrick Gray (A.K.A. # 2) passed away 1 year ago, and left behind an eternal legacy. The charismatic bass player was a key member of the Heavy Metal band Slipknot. Paul was 38 at the time of his death, and was found dead by a hotel worker at 10:50 AM in his in hotel room in Urbandale, Iowa. On June 21, 2010, autopsy results revealed that Gray had died of an accidental overdose of morphine and fentanyl, he also showed signs of "significant heart disease". Gray's best friend Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Murder Dolls), released this statement yesterday via his Facebook page.
Hey Paul,
It was so great hanging out with you yesterday and today. Talking and reminiscing about old times and seeing you respond with some of the strongest gusts of wind I’ve ever felt.
Paul, you always told it like it was. You’re the same guy that wouldn’t let me stay home on New Year’s Eve back in 1992, and once drove over in four feet of snow during a storm, just to hang out! There was no one like you. That’s why you were my best friend.
All the music that we’ve done together, all the times that we’ve shared, will live on forever. I miss you each and every day.
All right Balls, I’ll see you on stage! Let’s destroy.
There will never be another # 2. I love you.

Fuck it all! Fuck this world!
Fuck everything that you stand for!
Don't belong! Don't exist!
Don't give a shit! Don't ever judge me!
And to all my friends, the Maggots:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you eternally for your support on this difficult day. You’re keeping us and Paul’s memory, alive.
There were supposed to be five days of tornadoes and rain here in Iowa, but the sun came out stronger than it has all year. It’s good to know Paul’s keeping an eye on things.
This is a horrible thing that happened, but each of you has made this just a little bit easier to deal with. Your support means everything to us.
Thank you,
Nathan Jonas Jordison
Paul Gray had an amazing career, here is his discography and filmography:
- With Slipknot
* 1996: Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.
* 1999: Slipknot
* 2001: Iowa
* 2004: Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
* 2005: 9.0: Live
* 2008: All Hope Is Gone
- Other appearances
* 2005: The All-Star Sessions (Roadrunner United)
* 2007: Worse Than a Fairy Tale (Drop Dead, Gorgeous)
* 2008: "Last Stop: Crappy Town" (Reggie And The Full Effect)
* 2009: "Annual Assault" (Roadrunner Records)

- Filmography
* 1999: Welcome to Our Neighborhood
* 2002: Disasterpieces
* 2002: Rollerball
* 2006: Voliminal: Inside the Nine
* 2008: Nine: The Making of "All Hope Is Gone"
* 2008: Behind The Player: Paul Gray
* 2009: Of the (sic): Your Nightmares, Our Dreams
* 2010: (sic)nesses (posthumous)
Today and every day make sure you keep Paul's memory alive! Crank up some SLIPKNOT and put your HORNS UP for #2!
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