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What a conundrum! Carol Vorderman can't figure out
©It's a puzzle! Carol Vorderman struggles to get into her car in a tight white dress after appearing on This Morning today
She's a huge fan of tight pencil dresses, saying they push her up and pull her in just where she needs it.
But sometimes it seems they perhaps pull Carol Vorderman in a bit too much - judging by pictures of the presenter struggling to get into her car in a white zip dress today.
The 50-year-old star tried various ways of getting into the vehicle in an elegant and ladylike fashion, but ended up having to lift up her knee and swivel her way in as the dress proved too restrictive.
©This way or that way? But Vorderman kept a big smile on her face throughout her predicament
However, Vorderman managed to stay smiling throughout her predicament, grinning widely for the waiting photographers before finally successfully navigating her way into the vehicle.
Earlier in the day, Vorderman tweeted fans to warn them to expect a special outfit when she appeared on This Morning to do the newspaper review with comedian Iain Lee.
She wrote: 'Warning. This Morning about 10.30 I shall be reviewing the newspapers and will be in danger of dressing my age!! '
©Got the answer: Vorderman eventually decided to lift up her knee and swivel her way into the vehicle
Vorderman has become something of a sex symbol in recent years and is undoubtedly in incredible shape for a 50-year-old woman.
And she said recently she is happy with her figure and has learned to accept her womanly curves.
©Stunning: The white dress flattered Vorderman's hourglass figure
She explained: 'When you’re in your 20s and 30s you often think “I don’t like this bit, I don’t like that bit, I wish I could shave a few inches off here”.
‘But when you’re older you’re just blooming grateful for what you’ve got! For instance, I’ve learned that women spend lots of time worrying about cellulite but men just don’t see it, particularly as they get older themselves and their eyesight goes too!
'At this age you don’t beat yourself up any more - what’s the point? I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m really happy and that’s all that counts.'
source: dailymail

conundrum : a problem that is difficult to deal with

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