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You might need a bigger scanner there Jack! A rotund looking Black goes through LAX security
©Hands up: Jack Black goes through a full body scan at LAX airport last night
He may voice a lithe Kung Fu expert in his latest movie, but Jack Black was looking a little out of shape as he headed through security at LAX airport last night.
The 41-year-old comic actor held up his hands and stood in front of the body scanner, in a pose which revealed his rather rotund figure.
And when he turned round, he showed the back of his T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan reading 'Pie 'N Burger,' revealing his fondness for the fatty foods.
The father of two was heading to New York for the east coast premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2, in which he reprises the voice of martial arts panda Po.
Animation star: Jack was heading to New York for the east coast premiere of Kung Fu Panda, with the back of his T-shirt reading 'pie 'n burger'
Jack also promoted the film in Los Angeles on Saturday, alongside co-stars Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu and Seth Rogen.
The star may have been looking a little rotund, but he showed he still has plenty of energy this morning on the film's red carpet.
©All smiles: The actor looked his usual relaxed self as he headed towards the security checkpoint, clutching his laptop
He wowed onlookers by taking a few leaps on the red carpet outside the city's Ziegfeld Theatre and demonstrated his own martial arts style moves.
The 3D film explores Po's adoption and who his real father is.
'Those answers are explained,' Jack told USA Today. 'It takes it to a real emotional place that we didn't in the first film.'
©Taking a leap: Jack showed off his energetic side as he demonstrated his Kung Fu skills at the New York premiere of Kung Fu Panda last night
'At first, I wasn't really into it,' he said. 'But then they showed me a clip of panda Po synced to my voice from High Fidelity, and it clicked in my head.
Like "That totally makes sense. My voice in that panda is going to be a funny movie."'
And Jack, who was joined by co-star Lucy Liu on the carpet today, is hoping to do a third instalment.
'I’d love to do more Kung Fu Panda, but it’s up to the audience to demand that,' he said.
©Fooling around: Jack played up to the cameras by lolling on the floor and performing press ups
©Keep it up: Jack kicked a toy panda around as she showed off his bear skills on the carpet
©Black tie: Lucy Liu looked stunning in a black minidress with white detail as she arrived at the premiere
source: dailymail