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Black Label Society Dominate New York City
©This past Saturday, the much anticipated "Uranium tour 2011" took over New York City's Irving Plaza. From the moment we arrived to Irving Place (street were Irving Plaza is located), we ran into hundreds of BLS fans that were proudly wearing their BLS vests and getting riled up for the mayhem what would ensue a few hours later.
The sold out concert was hosted by Uranium host Mistress Juliya, who demonstrated that she is a phenomenal media personality who can easily make a crowd go wild with a simple: "Hey, don't be a pussy, its cool to put your Metal Horns Up!"
The night was kicked off by Anchored, Hourcast, and Rev Theory, who had the arduous task of warming up the crowd for the mighty Black Label Society. It was clear from the get-go that Black Label Society was the headliner of the night, to the point that the venue filled up from front to back, side to side, as soon as the clock hit the tenth hour of the second half of the day. Both openers performed decent sets, but nothing compares to the beast that was unleashed once Juliya welcomed BLS to New York Rock City!
©We had personally never seen the band perform live and were completely blown away from the moment they curtain was dropped. Not only did they sound very tight, but Zakk had full control of the crowd from beginning to end! His guitars sounded larger than live thanks to his 20 Marshall cabinets and the sound crew managed to not let his furious guitar sound clash with the rest of the instruments. What really impressed us is how their set-list was put together so that the performance felt very organic, it didn't feel like they were playing one song after the other, it felt a well produced concert that could have easily taken place at a bigger venue.
All in all, Black Label Society proved that they are a very underrated band. Oh, and lets not forget that the band did an awesome interlude which included a 15 minute solo by Zakk Wylde, who also performed solo a few of the BLS piano classics with a synthetizer! If you have never seen Black Label Society, you are missing out! We have an exclusive interview with Mistress Juliya coming up, as well as tons of live footage of Black Label Society!
1) Crazy Horse
2) Funeral Bell
3) Bleed For Me
4) Demise Of Sanity
5) Overlord Play Video
6) Parade of the Dead
7) Born To Lose
8) Darkest Days
9) Fire It Up
10) Guitar Solo
11) Godspeed Hell Bound
12) The Blessed Hellride
13) Suicide Messiah
14) Concrete Jungle
15) Stillborn
Photo credit:Mitchell Damien Maurer
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