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Jessica Hay, The Person who Kissed Kate Middleton First Time at the Age of 14
LONDON – How many people know thatKate Middletonwas kissed first time at the age of 14 ….??? I’m sure that at least Prince Williams didn’t know at the time of wedding kiss on April 29.

Kate Middleton and Jessica Hay
Reportedly, in 1996 Kate Middleton went to the prominent boarding school, Marlborough College, at the age of 14. In that age she was quite shy and had never kissed a boy.  

A girl named Jessica Hay was her first friend there and Jessica Hay admitted, in this week’s “Star” magazine, that she and Catherine kissed when they were “a little tipsy” before a school dance. 

This steamy moment didn’t turn into a lesbian affair, though; she told further to magazine.

So, Kate Middleton got her Prince Charming in the end but who would have thought that her first ever kiss would have been with a girl! And after she had been drinking alcohol aged 14 too!