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Kessia Cortez, 20, Miss Goianinha is Miss World Rio Grande do Norte 2011
Road to Miss Brazil World
Kessia Cortez, 20, Miss Goianinha, won the Miss World Rio Grande do Norte 2011 title at the Vila do Mar hotel in Natal. She was crowned by Kamilla Salgado, Miss World Brazil 2011. The 1st runner-up is Miss Caico, Ana Clara.
Miss Ceara-Mirim, was the 2nd runner-up, Miss Sao Miguel was the 3rd runner-up, and the Miss Natal was the 4th runner-up.
Kessia was also the winner of Miss Congeniality award.
Miss Brazil World 2011 will be held on August 13 at the Hotel do Frade, in Angra dos Reis.