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Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger fits in purr-fectly as she joins U.S. X Factor judging panel at New Jersey auditions
What's up New Jersey? Nicole Scherzinger and her fellow judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and LA Reid take the stage for the first day of X Factor auditions
There were both new and old faces on stage when the X Factor U.S. judges kick-started the first day of auditions in New Jersey today.
Waving her arms in the air, newcomer Nicole Scherzinger cheered triumphantly as she took to the stage for the first time since getting promoted from co-host to judge on the hit talent show.
The former Pussycat Doll didn't waste any time getting front and centre as she waved to the crowd of fans there to welcome her and fellow judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Adbul and LA Reid.
As 32-year-old Scherzinger looked like the cat who got the cream lapping up the glory of her dream job, jilted judge Cheryl Cole, 27, languished at home in London licking her wounds.
©Saula is back: American Idol judges and close friends Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul look happy to be reunited
American Idol alums Cowell and Abdul, dubbed 'Saula' were already continuing their cosy friendship as the Straight Up singer perched on the British mogul's lap with her arm around the neck.
It looked like the first day of auditions went smoothly despite the recent X Factor dramas that have kept fans riveted with constant changes in the judging panels both in the UK and Stateside.
In an interview recorded earlier this week on The Graham Norton Show in Britain, which airs on Friday, Scherzinger claimed that she only found out she would be replacing Cole on the panel of the U.S. show when she read it in the newspaper.
©Co-workers: Scherzinger and Adbul flew to New York, from London and Los Angeles respectively, to begin working together side-by-side in the judges' hot seats
'I haven’t said this yet, but I think it’s official that I have been made a judge. It's an amazing opportunity,' she told Norton.
'I’m kind of finding out (what’s happening) along with everyone else. It’s kind of crazy to read about it in the newspaper first.'
As her new co-worker settled into her job, Abdul pledged her continual support for the woman she replaced on Twitter and promised fans that she would stay in touch with Cole after the pair 'forged a wonderful relationship.'
©Paula Abdul posted this picture of herself and fellow X Factor U.S. judge Cheryl Cole on Twitter along with the message: 'Gotta tell you about Cheryl - 'The Fierce' is STRONG w/ this one! :) she's lovely! xoP'
Paula took to her Twitter page to praise Cheryl, who was unceremoniously fired from the U.S. TV talent show after failing to impress television executives.
She wrote: 'Cheryl is amazing. We have forged a wonderful friendship & have been & will continue to stay in touch.'
Paula then hinted that she knows what Cheryl has planned for the near future, adding: 'I'm excited for everyone to see and hear what she is about to do next.'
Cheryl and Paula worked together for just a week as the first X Factor USA auditions took place.
After Cheryl left the U.S. show, she was offered a place back on the panel of the British X Factor, but left it too long to decide and was replaced on that panel by N-Dubz singer Tulisa Contostavlos.
©Heartfelt tweet: Abdul claimed her and Cole forged a 'wonderful friendship' during their brief time together working on the show and she pledged her loyalty to her short-lived side-kick on Twitter
©Moving on: Abdul hints in a cryptic tweet that she may know what Cole's next career move is
Meanwhile, Simon Cowell spoke out earlier this week to apologise to Cheryl for the way the whole situation with the X Factor U.S. had been dealt with.
He said: 'A hundred per cent I have to take full responsibility, because I do have a lot of sway.
‘This has been a rough two weeks. The hardest thing to accept is that everyone has painted me as a monster because I embarrassed her. But the truth was I was protecting her.
‘I apologise that all this has become public and I understand the stress she is under, and I hate that. But we have all been under a lot of stress.
‘When things like this happen I look at the contestants on our shows, they must think this is crazy. All the attention is on us.
‘I am sorry this has caused so much anguish and embarrassment, but I stand by what I believe was the right intention. And I would say that to her face right now.’
X Factor USA Judges Arrive - Newark, NJ

source: dailymail

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