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Tat's too funny! Eva Mendes gets fake Twilight facial tattoo in hilarious Hangover sketch at MTV Movie Awards
©Tat's not a good look: Eva Mendes starred in a Hangover spoof with Jason Sudeikis top open the MTV Movie Awards last night
January Jones's ex boyfriend Jason Sudeikis opened last night's MTV Movie Awards with a hilarious sketch based on The Hangover sequel - which saw Eva Mendes get her face tattooed.
In the skit, Jason, 35, agrees to have a beer with The Hangover's Justin Bartha and Twilight star Taylor Lautner after a yoga session.
He first wakes up confused and finds he is sat on the wall of Osama Bin Laden's Pakistani hide-out.
©Crazy scenes: Eva discovers what she's had done later in a flashback
©Deep water: The spoof saw Jason Sudeikis waking up and finding Eva in his bath tub
However, he then wakes inside to find he's in a filthy hotel room with Eva in his bathtub - but no Lautner.
Eva meanwhile discovers she's got a 'Team Jacob Forever' tattoo on her cheek, referring to Lautner's Twilight character Jacob Black.
As she sees the facial decoration in the mirror, she screams: 'What the f***?! I'm Team Edward. I've always been Team Edward,' of course referring to Robert Pattinson's character Edward Cullen.
Fresh blood: In the skit, Eva is also seen pretending to bite off Twilight star Taylor Lautner's finger
©Tasty: Eva, who has recently confessed that she can't cook, appears to get stuck in to a bit of tasty Taylor
©Finger of suspicion: Jason, who hosted last night's MTV Movie Awards, later finds the discarded digit
Sudeikis then stumbles in on Black Swan's Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis getting passionate, finds James Franco trapped in a canyon from 127 Hours and chats to Justin Timberlake - as Sean Parker - in The Social Network over the phone.
He finally finds the Twilight hunk - missing a finger which Mendes has bitten off - making out with Kunis and Portman.
Meanwhile, The Other Guys star has revealed that she can't cook.
The star - who has been in a relationship with George Augusto for nine years - says she is so hopeless in the kitchen so relies on restaurant food and home deliveries to ensure she gets the nourishment she needs, when she's not biting off Taylor Lautner's fingers, that is.
©Morning after: The actress jokes that the tattoo wouldn't be so bad if it said Team Edward
She admitted: 'I open the fridge and don't know how to get from point A to point B. I do want to start because I feel really pathetic - at a certain age you've got to learn how to provide for yourself.
'We get home delivery meals three times a week and we go out the rest of the time. It's so embarrassing.'
Eva is currently filming See If I Care alongside Matthew Modine and Patricia Arquette.
A comedy drama, it's due out next year.
©In the pink: Eva wore a classy dusky pink evening gown to Spike TV's Guy Choice Awards on Saturday night
The MTV Movie Awards meanwhile were the usual mix of controversy and fun.
While there were no Brunos descending from the ceiling onto unsuspecting Eminems, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis raised eyebrows when they groped each other's private parts onstage.
Robert Pattinson also landed a kiss on Taylor Lautner and shocked the audience by using the f-word.
The awards are on tonight at 9pm on MTV here in the UK.
source: dailymail

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