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Uranium's Impact on Heavy Music, in the words of Mistress Juliya
©After the demise of Headbangers Ball, Mistress Juliya felt the necessity of creating a TV show that would present Heavy Music in a raw, unscripted and aggressive way.
After gaining massive popularity via the Internet, Much Music TV approached Juliya and gave her a small budget to produce a show for Fuse TV. Juliya's concept was to take her show on the road and present the masses with an unpolished, yet very well thought out show that featured the artists in their natural environment and not inside a TV studio. In June of 2002 Uranium premiered and Juliya started gaining popularity within the Heavy Music population.
For the next three years Juliya managed to help Uranium become a household name in the industry thanks to her "in your face" style and the great chemistry she had with the artists that she would interview for the show. The show came to an end in January of 2005, when Fuse TV brought in new management who did not appreciate or understand the value of that the show had within the Heavy Music world.
After 6 years of silence, it was time for Uranium to make a comeback but this time Juliya had to do it bigger and more personal, in order to remind the fans that her love for Heavy Music will never die! Here is what she had to say about this:
©"Uranium has always been my baby! First it was on TV, then it went away... Then I got the opportunity to work with Livenation on putting together the Uranium Tour! Which when people hear the Uranium brand, they know they are Heavy quality fucking music! No matter what type of Metal it is, we are going to bring it to you the right way. So we worked really hard in putting together a package that had an amazing headliner, that has always represented the Uranium brand. Black Label Society has been a staple on the Uranium TV show for many years. And of course its Zakk Wylde, it really doesn't get more real, more Metal, in a classic way!"
If you attended the Uranium Tour, you know it was a "hit"! We really hope that it becomes a yearly tour!. After many attempts during the last year, we finally were able to sit down with Juliya to do an in-depth interview! Here it is:

Special thanks to Juliya, Nightcrawler Steve, Uranium and the staff at Irving Plaza!
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