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"Doctor Who: Series 7 & Xmas 2012 Special" Confirmed By BBC!
Sam Hodges, who is BBC1's "Head Of Communications", today confirmed that the BBC have not only commissioned this years "Xmas Special" (obviously), but they have also commissioned next years "Series 7" and the 2012 "Xmas Special". Matt Smith is deffo coming back for both next year.
This is what Steven Moffat said,"14 eps + Matt DEFINITELY. I've got a plan and I'm NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS"
The only bad thing is that Amy and Rory sound as though they will be leaving after "Series 6", as they weren't mentioned at all about returning next year. Sad, but kinda exciting to the fact that the TARDIS could have a new young, sexy companion walking around in it next year. Let's hope it's not just a one season thing with Smith's new companion/s, like what Russell T Davies did with Tennant's ones.
And also, let's hope that at least Amy returns for a few cameos and is not forgotten by The Doctor. She could be this Doctor's Rose.........gone, but not forgotten.

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