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"The Wolfman" Get's The Hollywood Reboot!
Here they go again, with another bloody reboot. I like some of the reboots that Hollywood are doing, but there are some which you think "fucking hell!!!" and this might actually be one of them.
Universal have announced that they have plans to reboot "The Wolfman", but not the 2009 gory remake, but a reboot to the 1940's original. According to, Universal are going for the title, "Werewolf" rather than the previous title for the original and remake.
At first, Universal (unknown to me) hired a writer to pen a script for a sequel to Joe Johnson's remake, but now it seems they are planning to rewrite that script and TOTALLY reboot it. I loved the 2009 remake. I thought Johnson would consider a sequel of some sort, with Hugo Weaving's character, who got bitten at the end and lived(SPOILER)for those who haven't seen it yet.
I just hope they keep the werewolf looking realistic, because that was the good thing about the remake. The only CGI used was for some of the movement and some of the transformation. The rest was all Del Toro.........well and his stuntman (obviously).
Universal are planning to begin casting soon, as the reboot script is supposedly nearly complete. They also plan to begin filming this Fall, which is Autumn to us.

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