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Jeremy Wagner's Armageddon Chord
©Jeremy Wagner has been dubbed as the creator of a new genre of fiction: "Heavy Metal Thriller"! With the release of his brand new novel titled "The Armageddon Chord" (August 22, 2011 via kNight Romance Publishing), Jeremy is reinventing himself once again and he is ready for a new challenge. The inspiration behind "The Armageddon Chord" came from his two passions: playing guitar and writing novels. So what is the Armageddon Chord?
"The Armageddon Chord in my novel, is the final chord that is played from this ancient evil song that was written in hieroglyphics. It was transcribed thousands of years later by this guitar player who is duped into making this song a reality." - Jeremy Wagner
Wagner has had quiet a journey through his career that has kept him happy and very busy. Not only has he written more than 70 published songs, recorded more albums, and has had two MTV videos, but he has also toured 16 countries with his bands Broken Hope and Lupara. And has been published in RIP Magazine, Terrorizer, Metal Edge, Microhorror and also on short fiction published works through Perseus Books, St. Martin’s Press, and Ravenous Romance Publishers.
Here are some of Wagner's other works:
- Romance Ain’t Dead, short story that appears as the first story in the zombie-romance anthology: Hungry For Your Love (St. Martin’s Press).
- The Creatures From Craigslist in the anthology, Fangbangers: An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love (Ravenous Romance Publishing).
He has already written two brand new novels, which are being revised as we speak! We had the priviledge of interviewing Jeremy about his upcoming novel "The Armageddon Chord" (August 22, 2011 via kNight Romance Publishing), as well as his musical career. Here is what went down:

OFFICIAL trailer:

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