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S.O.S. Releases NEW EP "I Owe You Nothing"
©What do you get when you put together vocalist Scott Vogel from Terror in the same room with bassist Chris Beattie from Hatebreed, and then add guitarist Matt Henderson, formerly from Agnostic Front and Madball? S.O.S.! Their NEW EP titled "I Owe You Nothing" is out today via Good Fight Music, and its a hard hitting vulgar display of Real American Hardcore! In times when Hardcore music is in the rise, its vital to support a new band full of fire, so make sure you buy the EP because you will not be disappointed. Here is the Official Press Release:
I Owe You Nothing, the new EP by hardcore band S.O.S., is available now at a music distributor near you. The EP dropped today with GOOD FIGHT is taking part in today’s release by premiering a brand new track cut from the EP, entitled ‘Never a Brother’.
“‘Never a Brother’. This is the song that got Matt skanking in the studio,” states vocalist Scott Vogel. “This song has a serious hook. Check it out and enjoy.”
You can purchase the EP now at several digital music outlets, such as iTunes. Keep an eye out for the exclusive vinyl coming out through Reaper Records soon. The band recorded the I Owe You Nothing EP this past winter in New York City. At the helm of production was Dean Baltulonis, a producer and engineer who has been involved with some of the genre’s most iconic recordings (Agnostic Front, Madball).
S.O.S. is:
- Scott Vogel - Vocals (Terror)
- Matt Henderson - Guitar (formerly of Agnostic Front and Madball)
- Sam Trapkin - Guitar (Trapped Under Ice)
- Chris Beattie - Bass (Hatebreed)
- Nick Jett - Drums (Terror)

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