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Quick Recipe: Mini Tostadas

Mini Tostadas

Are you guys cool if I start posting food here? Nothing crazy. This blog will still be about sewing, just with a little extra nom. If you're unsure I have something that might change your mind... Mini tostadas. That's right. Bite size. Fun size. Delicious size.



Remember how I went to that Mexican restaurant in NYC? Maybe it was the Margaritas but I was inspired. Then I was invited to a mexican lunch... divine intervention? Probably. You could make so many variations of this dish. Vegetarian? Use beans. Coeliac? Use gluten-free corn-chips. Chilli fiend? Spice it up yo.



Red Tomatoes

Me? I like tomatoes so I used three different varieties. See that green one? It's called a zebra tomato. It looks nothing like a zebra. It's delicious.

Green onion

Mini Tostadas reciepe

Remember, lime is your friend. Or lemon. I'm not picky. Use both. You can be diplomatic. Not only is lemon (or lime) delicious, but it keeps the guacamole (or, crushed avocado) from oxidising and the tomatoes from doing that weird soggy thing.

Like I said, this dish can be varied and most of the seasoning is to taste. I'll just tell you how I did it but feel free to get cray-zay and try your own, even use what you've got available in the fridge.

Table appointments

Ingredients for a Mini Tostadas

  • {Base} Plain corn chips.
  • {Guacamole} Avocado, lemon / lime juice, salt & pepper.
  • {Salsa} Tomatos, red onion, shallots, lemon / lime juice, chilli, salt & pepper.
  • {Pork} Pork fillet + spices to taste (chilli, paprika, fennel seeds, cloves, cardamon, turmeric, fresh garlic, onion powder, salt & pepper, olive oil, stock).

Mini Tostadas

  1. The day before: use a mortar & pessel to combine all of the pork spices (except the stock) into a thick paste. Rub into the pork and leave in the fridge over night.
  2. The day of: Moosh together all of the guacamole ingredients. Season to taste.
  3. Dice the tomatoes, red onion, & shallots. Squish the extra juices out of the tomato. Mix all of the ingredients together.
  4. Seal the pork by frying the outsides. Put into a baking dish with some stock, and put into the oven on a low heat until it is cooked. Let the pork rest for 10 minutes. Then, shred or dice it.
  5. Stack the ingredients on corn chips.

Buen provecho!

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