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Trailer Breakdown: FAST FIVE

On April 29, audiences will once again be reunited with Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) as the Fast and the Furious franchise offers its fifth installment, aptly titled Fast Five. I'd like to start by saying that I have seen the first, second and fourth installments but skipped out on 2006's Tokyo Drift. However, I may have to give that one a gander before the release of this film because it looks like they're bringing back most of the principle characters from the previous films to give Fast Five a super-cast. Here's the latest trailer for the film. As usual, I'll continue afterward with some questions that I have:

Now onto the questions that arose as I watched this trailer (and no, this was not the first trailer released for Fast Five - I'm sure a quick YouTube search will find that one pretty easily).

1. Will there be any brains mixed in with the brawn?
I know that there hasn't been much in terms of intelligence in any of the films in this franchise, but can we expect anything different from this latest installment? My money is on "no," but you never know when something might surprise you. I was just blown away by the amount of action portrayed in the trailer, and I just wondered whether we might have a couple of quiet moments where an actual story could have the chance to develop.

2. Will all the star power be too much for Fast Five to handle?
While I know that Diesel and Walker are the true central characters, we're going to be thrown quite a few big names as we try to traverse these furious waters (pun intended). With the likes of Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Jordana Brewster - just to name a few - also starring in this flick, could it become a little crowded on-screen? Other films have tried this and done so successfully (see: 2010's The Expendables), but it's always a little bit risky to force too many big names into one movie. Audiences tend to lose sight of who they should be following; even if the film sends a clear message that we should be watching Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, we may want to keep an eye on Tyrese or Ludacris instead.

3. Will this really be the last film in the franchise?
I remember hearing that the third film (Tokyo Drift) would be the last film in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Then, when 2009's Fast & Furious was released, I heard the same rumors start to be spread. THEN, when I heard about the production of Fast Five, I started to hear similar rumors once more. Now folks, I'd like to stop the confusion right here and right now: one of the producers has said that a sixth installment is currently being developed, so we can probably assume that, with a big enough box office return, the franchise will continue past 2011. So, if you're really tired of seeing all these movies, don't go see this one. It's really as simple as that.

And now, for a couple of goofy questions that I thought about while watching the trailer...

4. They're going to break into a police station? And for that matter, why is one station holding $100 million for longer than a few hours?
This just seems a little bit silly to me. Sure, they may have larger numbers and work well behind the wheel of a car, but they're going to break into a police station to steal $100 million. Really? That doesn't sound even the slightest bit absurd to anybody else? Yeah, I'm sure they're not really giving it all that much thought at this point, but you can do better than that. What police station - unless it's some specialized station and I'm already over-thinking this whole plot - is holding onto that much money long enough for a band of criminals to come steal it? You know in real life that much money would never be left in one place for very long, and it probably wouldn't all be left in the same place at the same time. You can insult our intelligence only so much. Don't test me.

5. You're going to drive a car off a cliff, jump off and hope for the best?
Okay, I get that every trailer for an action film has to show one stunt that's supposedly going to

blow the audience away, but there's just no logistical way that they could possibly survive the drop that they posit in this scene. (Again, I'm stretching here. For all I know, they're going to land on some giant balloon that will break their fall. Or maybe unicorns will magically appear, swoop down and save them. Either is fair game with this movie.) But having watched the documentary The Bridge, which chronicled a number of people who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge, I can safely assume that the two men will reach their terminal velocity before they hit the water below. I'm just sayin'.

6. Is anybody else stoked to see the Vin Diesel/The Rock smackdown?

Yes, I'm being a dorky fanboy right now, but I'm pretty stoked to see these two titans do battle in this movie. You can have your own opinions on either of these two men, but you can't take away the fact that they're both prime physical specimens who both happen to be ridiculously ripped for this particular film. Their fight scene will hopefully prove to be one of the redeeming moments of Fast Five, and for that, I salute the people in charge of casting.

Fast Five will arrive in theaters on April 29, 2011.

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