Best Movies of All Time + Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks

It's birthday time again! This time we're celebrating the 85th birthday of the king of spoofs, Mel Brooks! Over the course of his career, Brooks has created films that have played on some of the biggest movies that history has ever seen. What separates his films from other, more recent spoofs (like the Scary Movie franchise or any of those not-so-great off-shoots) is that Brooks' films are actually intelligent and bitingly hilarious. Sure, they delve into goofy humor now and again, but they're always entertaining. So below, I've listed my five favorite (and best-rated) of Mel Brooks' directorial efforts and have given a little snippet from each of them. Help me celebrate Mel Brooks' birthday! I hope you enjoy!

5. History of the World: Part 1

4. Spaceballs

3. Robin Hood: Men in Tights

2. Blazing Saddles

1. Young Frankenstein

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