Best Movies of All Time + [Rabbit Hole]

Nicole Kidman

Today, we are celebrating the 45th birthday of Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman. Originally a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Kidman was born to Australian parents who soon moved back to Australia by the time she was four. As a child, she first loved ballet, but she also enjoyed elements of mime and drama. Acting soon became her refuge, and she spent many an hour in a dark theater practicing and perfecting her craft. While her professional film acting career began in the early 1980s, it really wasn't until her marriage to Tom Cruise in 1990 that Kidman truly burst onto the national scene. The two had two children together, but their marriage only lasted until 2001. Since then, Kidman has channeled her career toward three Oscar nominations - including one win - and she has become one of the most consistent actresses on the Hollywood scene. She re-married in 2006 to country music singer Keith Urban, with whom she also has two children. And now, here are some fun facts and accolades from Kidman's acting career:

ActingFirst Film: Bush Christmas (1983)Last Film: Trespass (2011)Next Film: The Paperboy (2012)
Academy Awards Nominated: Best Actress, Moulin Rouge! (2001)Won: Best Actress, The Hours (2002)Nominated: Best Actress, Rabbit Hole (2010)
Over the years, I have managed to see ten of Kidman's films, and on average, her films have received a 'B-' grade. From those ten, I have created the following list of my five favorite of her performances:
5. Lady Sarah AshleyAustralia (2008)
4. Grace StewartThe Others (2001)
3. BeccaRabbit Hole (2010)
2. Virginia WoolfThe Hours (2002)
1. SatineMoulin Rouge! (2001)
Once again, I'd like to wish Nicole Kidman a happy 45th birthday!