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Ben Affleck

Birthday time again, folks. Today we're celebrating the 39th birthday of Ben Affleck. Now, I know that in the past, Affleck has dabbled in some rather terrible films (here's looking at you, Gigli), but he's also found a way to create some memorable characters over the years. Now, he's actually a rather accomplished director, having turned in two directorial efforts - 2007's Gone Baby Gone and 2010's The Town - that both achieved fantastic critical success. This post, however, will focus on his acting ability. While he's not the greatest actor ever to grace the silver screen, he's managed to leave his mark on a few films during his career. Here's a list of my five favorite of his performances. Once again, happy birthday Ben Affleck!

5. George Reeves
Hollywoodland (2006)


4. Chuckie Sullivan
Good Will Hunting (1997)

3. Bartleby
Dogma (1999)

2. Holden McNeil
Chasing Amy (1997)

1. Doug MacRay
The Town (2010)

1998: Nominee - Best Couple (with Liv Tyler)

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