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Edward Norton

Another day, another birthday. This time we're celebrating another one of my favorite actors, Edward Norton, who turns 42 today. I think my first introduction to Norton's work was in 1999's Fight Club, and although he might have been overshadowed a little by Brad Pitt's character, he still left a resonating impression on me. I started to seek out his work, and I soon fell in love with his acting ability. And so, as a tribute to his career, I've decided to list my five favorite Norton roles. I've supplied short clips from each of the performances in order to give you a little bit of insight into each character in case you haven't seen one of the films. All that being said, enjoy the post and help me wish Edward Norton a happy 42nd birthday!

5. Lester 'Worm' Murphy
Rounders (1998)

4. Sheldon Mopes/Smoochy the Rhino
Death to Smoochy (2002)

3. The Narrator
Fight Club (1999)

2. Aaron
Primal Fear (1996)

1. Derek Vinyard
American History X (1998)

1998: Winner - Best Actor, Drama; Best Supporting Actor, Drama
1999: Nominee - Best Actor, Drama
2002: Nominee - Best Actor, Drama; Best Actor, Comedy
2003: Nominee - Best Villain
2010: Nominee - Best Actor, Comedy

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