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"I just think I have communicating problems, which isn't good 'cause I wanna be a director."
-- Emily Hagins

Zombie Girl: The Movie is a 2009 documentary directed by Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall and Erik Mauck that centers around a young filmmakers attempt to make her first feature film. When twelve-year-old Emily Hagins came to her parents saying she wanted to make a feature-length film, she probably raised a couple of eyebrows. To compound her little project, she wanted to make a film about zombies. This film follows the two-year production of her debut film, Pathogen, from the finishing of the script all the way to its premiere in Austin, Texas.

One of my favorite things about having NetFlix is finding random, unknown gems in their Instant Watch section. Often times, I'll find movies that are so bad, they're good, like 2009's ThanksKilling. Other times, however, I'll find a true cinematic gem, like 2010's City Island. Fortunately, Zombie Girl falls into the latter category as I was floored by just how good it was.

The film works on a couple of different levels. On the one hand, we're getting a rather in-depth look at the making of a low-budget independent film. We see the creative process at work from the get-go as we see the trials and errors of writing and casting and filming. We see the slow and arduous editing process and how that affects the filmmaker. It's a fantastic look at the creation of a film, and it's definitely worth a watch for any aspiring filmmaker. On the other hand, however, we get to see a twelve-year-old girl taking her dreams and striving towards them, no matter the obstacles ahead of her. We see how the filming process affects her emotionally, and it's truly a sight to behold. At the same time, seeing this young woman craft this film is a rather inspirational tale. You get so swept up in everything that's going on that every pitfall that sets Emily back makes you feel for her. It's a truly emotional and inspirational story to behold.

I honestly can't think of much else to say about Zombie Girl. If you're interested in film or the film-making process, then this one's definitely for you. I can tell you now that I've already ordered a copy of Emily's debut film, Pathogen, and I eagerly await its arrival. I was that inspired by this movie that I just had to see Emily's final product. If that's not enough of an endorsement of Zombie Girl, then I'm not quite sure what else can sway you. Give this one a view. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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Grade: A-
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Best Documentary - #11

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2009: Nominee - Best Documentary

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