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Tommy Lee Jones

Today we're celebrating the 65th birthday of Academy Award-winning actor, Tommy Lee Jones. I think my first cinematic memory of Jones was in 1997's Men in Black, in which he starred opposite the ever-present funny-man, Will Smith. At the time, I simply thought Jones was another run-of-the-mill comedic actor, but as I continued to see more and more films, I learned that he generally delves into dramatic roles more often than comedy. Jones nabbed his Oscar in 1993 for his supporting role in The Fugitive, but he's also managed to be nominated on two other occasions: for his supporting role in 1991's JFK and for his leading role in 2007's No Country for Old Men. So, as a tribute to his acting ability, I've listed my five favorite Tommy Lee Jones roles below. I hope you enjoy the videos I've supplied. Once again, let's wish Tommy Lee Jones a happy birthday!

5. Hawk Hawkins
Space Cowboys (2000)

4. Samuel Gerard
The Fugitive (1993)

3. Ed Tom Bell
No Country for Old Men (2007)

2. Warden Dwight McClusky
Natural Born Killers (1994)

1. Agent K
Men in Black (1997)

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