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Clive Owen

Today we're celebrating the birthday of Clive Owen, who turns 47. Owen started his acting career in the late-1980s, but he didn't nab his first role in a feature film until 1991's Close My Eyes alongside Alan Rickman and Saskia Reeves. From there, he starred in mostly made-for-TV flicks until he made his bigger splashes on the big screen in 2001's Gosford Park and 2002's The Bourne Identity. In the years since, Owen has crafted himself into a leading man in both dramatic and action-based roles, proving that he can hold his own with big-time actors like Bruce Willis, Natalie Portman and Denzel Washington. He also scored an Academy Award nomination for his performance in 2004's Closer. So today, I'm counting down my five favorite of Owen's performances. I hope you enjoy the videos accompanying them! You can currently see Owen in theaters in Killer Elite, also starring Jason Statham and Robert De Niro.

5. Theo Faron
Children of Men (2006)

4. Robert Parks
Gosford Park (2001)

3. Arthur
King Arthur (2004)


2. Dwight
Sin City (2005)

1. Dalton Russell
Inside Man (2006)

Top-Rated Film (According to Me): Inside Man (2006)

2004: Nominee - Best Hero(ine)

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