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It really is a shame what gets made into movies these days. Sometimes it's as though anybody with an idea can make a film, which in some cases is a very good thing. However, not everyone's ideas are always "very good." For a film to be successful, you need a good screenplay as well as a good cast. Saint John of Las Vegas, which was directed by Hue Rhodes on got half of that equation.

Let's talk storyline. We open on our titular John (Steve Buscemi), an ex-gambler now residing as an insurance claims operator in Alburquerque, New Mexico. He tells us via monologue that he is a very lucky man, except that he only receives "bad luck." He decides to ask his boss for a raise, and in the process gets himself assigned to a fraud case with a very successful insurance fraud agent (Romany Malco). The two set out on a road trip towards Las Vegas in search of the answers that will prove that the insurance claim in their current case is, in fact, fraudulent.

The problem with this movie isn't the acting. Buscemi is his typical self, and his consistent "bugging out" works very well for the character. Malco plays a bit of a badass whose presence commands the screen. Even Sarah Silverman, John's supposed girlfriend Jill, is convincing. However, if anybody's stealing the show, it's Peter Dinklage, who in very little screen-time stamps himself as by far the funniest character. The film may actually be worth the watch just for his two scenes.

Sadly, none of these actors really had much to work with in terms of a script. The writing is off-key, and although there are a few funny scenes, they are just too few and too far between. Aside from the brief synopsis I already gave, nothing else really happens, although it feels as though there are other plots afoot. The ending also left something to be desired; it makes it seem as though John has come full circle and now knows the error of his ways, but personally, I feel as though he came full circle, back to square one. The final scene can be described as anti-climactic, at best.

Although there are a number of good performances that may be worth your time, the movie just feels empty. It starts out with a very good premise but then slowly starts its descent into mediocrity. It's just too bad that they wasted so much talent.

Movie Review Summary:
Grade: C-
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