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Holy Motors (2012)

Well gosh diggety darn it, this is a good 'un. But before we get to that, do you remember Tokyo!? No? Well, off you go then; watch it now.It's ok, I'll wait right here until you get back.A little earlier a few posts back I was lamenting the general lack of absurdity in cinema. I'm not talking about random weird shit, but genuine absurdity, which are two completely different things in my mind.
I can only assume that this movie was created as a direct response to this.It's awesome! I kinda assumed that it was going to be Carax milking his leprechaun or whatever character in a feature length cash grab after Tokyo!'s relative success. I was preparing myself mentally for another difficult watch of indulgent and painfully drawn out arthouse circlewankery, I'm not entirely sure why (especially since I really loved Tokyo! also), that's just the impression I had going in.I'm really happy to report that I was totally wrong on all counts. Nowadays it's really hard for a movie to get any kind of reaction out of me but man, a couple of times I became quite animated as I threw my hands up and chortled at what was unfolding in front of me with childlike wonder and disbelief.Holy Motors is playful. Thankfully it leaves the fourth wall nice and intact, but it certainly has an air of self awareness without the slightest bit of irony or narcissism. It's funny and wonderful and more than just a few times surprisingly poignant and real, and these moments become all the more powerful because they are wrapped up in this insane movie.We ride along with a man called Oscar for a day. He's got a pretty peculiar job; he has appointments. In each appointment he must become a character, and play a role. Not on stage or a set, but out in the real world. Whether it's an elaborate assassination or simply playing a disapproving father to a teenage girl, Oscar gets the instructions in a file, dons a wide range of crazy impressive makeup and costumes and plays his heart out. And my goodness, is he magnificent. Denis Lavant is incredible to watch.To say any more about the movie would be kinda spoiling the fun, and I'm really not sure if I could add anything of any use anyway. Keep an open mind, and settle in for a good time. Watch drunk for extra points.

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