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Sam Rockwell

Today we're celebrating the birthday of Sam Rockwell, who turns 43 today. Rockwell made his feature film debut in the 1989 horror film, Clownhouse. He also had a small role in 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Rockwell didn't land larger roles until 1999, however, appearing in both The Green Mile and Galaxy Quest. From there, he's gone on to star in films like Charlie's Angels (2000), Matchstick Men (2003), and Choke (2008). He garnered a lot of strong publicity for his performance in the 2009 sci-fi drama, Moon, and he was most recently seen in 2011's Cowboys & Aliens. You'll next be able to see Rockwell on the big screen in the upcoming comedy, The Sitter, slated for release this December. So, in tribute of his birthday, I've created a list of my five favorite Rockwell performances. I hope you enjoy the videos! Once again, I'd like to wish Sam Rockwell a happy 43rd birthday!

5. Justin Hammer
Iron Man 2 (2010)


4. Victor Mancini
Choke (2008)

3. Guy Fleegman
Galaxy Quest (1999)

2. James Reston, Jr.
Frost/Nixon (2008)

1. Sam Bell
Moon (2009)

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